Travel to Stanislaus

There it was. The list for who is traveling and who is staying. Coach Taylor had told us prior to practice that the list would be posted after we got done cleaning the field. Taylor also went on to explain the rules and regulations of when we travel, what the appropriate way to act while away. Finally, he went over the format of the list (being pitchers listed first, next would be infielders, and finally outfielders). Being an outfielder, I knew my name would be later on the list. When we got to the clubhouse after our practice, the list was up on the door that we leave from. I tried to play it cool and not rush to it and make me look like an eager freshman, even though on the inside I clearly was.

I changed as quickly as possible, but took a slow walk to look at the list casually. I went down the list and couldn’t find my name. Out of the 28 people traveling to Stanislaus State, I finally found my name next to the last number. The only freshman traveling. My teammates gave me a pat on the back and some “congrats man” but I knew I needed to prove myself every opportunity I had so that my name would stay on the list.

Our series was cut short due to weather, but I only had one at bat in 2 games and got an infield single to lead off the ninth when we were down by a run. I knew that was the beginning of something good for me…

T's 1st Collegiate Away Game


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