The Catch

Fast forward to the CSULA series. We finally get down to LA after a 9 hour bus ride. First game I wasn’t in the line up because the other left fielder had a good week of practice, but had a rough first game so they put me in for the second and third games. The second and third games during a weekend series are a double header on Saturday’s: the first game is 9 innings and the second is a 7 inning game.

We won the first game of the double header by a decent amount, but the second game is always the toughest to stay focused in. Luckily for me, I had a good day at the plate both games so it helped me stay engaged in the games. The second game was much closer than the first, however. The score was 3-1 in the last inning. Runner on first base with no outs. A right handed hitter was up who only hit the ball to right field all series up to this point, so I was shifted more towards the left-center field gap. First pitch he sees, he turns on it DEEP into straight away left field. I immediately turned and ran angling to my right.  I sprinted for 7 steps towards the corner and took a leap with my glove flipped over to make a jumping backhanded grab. At the apex of my jump, I felt the ball land perfectly in the pocket of my glove. That catch completely turned the momentum of the inning around because if I don’t catch it, LA has the tying run on second base at least with no outs. Yet again, proving how I can preform under pressure situations.IMG_0922.JPG


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