CSU San Marcos Series

Seeing my name up on the list to travel after a rough UCSD series at the plate was a boost of confidence for me. Not only did that tell me that the coaches believed that I can bounce back from a tough couple of games, but that meant more opportunities to redeem myself against a team that was having a down year. This series meant a lot to our team because if we were to have lost or split the series (2-2) then we would have been in 5th place, but instead we won 3 out of 4 games and are tied for second place.

The first game was a tough one. The coaches gave another player a chance to start in left field since he wasn’t able to play the series before. San Marcos came out swinging and ended up beating us the first game of the series 8-6. After losing the first game of a series, it is always hard to take 3 in a row from a team because they have all the momentum at that point. But for us, it was crucial that we won as I stated before. The first game of the Saturday double header was a tight game until the 7th, when I started off a 5 run rally with a 0 out 2 rbi double down the third base line. From there, we walked twice and then hit a bases clearing double. At that point it was commanding 8-5 lead with our stellar bullpen pitchers yet to come. We tacked on 3 more after they put up a 2 spot in the bottom of the inning. Chico took the win in the first game.

The second game of the double header was very similar to the first game. Tight in the beginning but in the 4th, I got another 2 rbi single into right in the second, then another single up the middle later in the game. We tacked on 6 runs in the span of 4 innings to go up 2-1 in the series and 2-0 on the day. Chico took the final day and absolutely destroyed San Marcos 7-2. Cats took the series and moved up to 2nd place with 2 series to go. It was a huge series that we took advantage of and set ourself up to have a strong finish to the end of the year.



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