Getting Recruited to Chico

This post will be taking us back to the recruitment process in high school and how I got to Chico:

In the beginning of my senior year of high school, I was taking all kinds of recruiting trips to different colleges that I was interested in playing baseball for: USD, UCSB, UNR, Oregon, and a handful of others. As you cn see, Chico was not one of the schools that was high on my list. They weren’t on there because I didn’t like the school, but rather because I hadn’t explored the idea of playing here. After narrowing my schools down to UCSB and USD (mainly because they were the schools showing most interest), USD came to a game of mine in the middle of the season and really liked what they saw. At the same time, Chico reached out to me saying the same things as USD. I decided that I would go to both of their prospect camps near the end of my season for both of the schools to check me out and see what I thought of the campuses.

When I came to Chico to play, I was taken around town to see what it was like. I fell in love immediately. Not only was everyone so friendly, but the coaches seemed very interested in making the players the best they could be. Plus, all the guys on the team working the camp were super friendly. I appreciated all of the hospitality and way they treated the recruits.

Then came there prospect camp. The first ball that was pitched of the game was hit slightly up the middle so I made a back handed play and I did, throwing the runner out at first. Right after the play was made, I glanced over to the coaches who were posted 10 feet behind the catcher with a screen in front and saw all 3 writing something down.My first plate appearance was nerve-racking. I knew I was getting looked at to preform as one of the best on the field, so I tried too hard to be just that. I ended up flying out to shallow center field and jogged back to the dugout frustrated. I had a talk with myself after and basically just told myself to relax and to play as hard as I can. The rest will take care of itself, and that it did. My next at bat I faced another kid who was their top pitching prospect at the camp; a left handed pitcher throwing 87 MPH. I jumped on the first pitch he threw me. A fastball down the middle, and I made him pay. I crushed this ball about 40 feet over the 330 foot wall in left field and promptly jogged around the bases with a ton of confidence, knowing I did just what I needed to do.

After the camp was over, the head coach pulled me aside and told me that they would call me soon with an offer to play at Chico and I told him that I would commit right away. It was a perfect situation for me and I capitalized on an opportunity. Little did I know that I would be playing my first year and contributing to the team.

Home Run Swing

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