Brian Pozos Interview

Brian Pozos, one of the most invested players when it comes to learning the swing of baseball. Pozos is a senior at Chico State and is an infielder in the Baseball organization. He is constantly learning from videos and working on his craft every day. Not many people are more knowledgeable about a baseball swing and its mechanics than him.


When asked about how he approaches his swing, he states: “The baseball swing is very unique to each individual. Not only is it unique but it is a day to day feeling. One day something in your swing might be working and the next you need to focus on something else. For example, if you keep popping the ball up, then maybe focus on using your top hand more.”


What Pozos is referring to is the hand that is the highest on the baseball bat. For right handed hitters it is their right hand and for left handed hitter it is their left. Also what he is referring to when it comes to the swing being “unique” is not one swing is the same as another. There is not one way to hit a baseball. There are thousands of variations to the swing, some big and some small, that make it your own. For example: some people start with open feet while others start closed. Another is the stride as the ball is coming, some have a leg kick while others just pick up their front heel.


Another big myth in hitting is you have to be big and strong to hit the ball far. Pozos answered, “Yeah, it helps to be strong to hit the ball farther, but what it really comes down to is technique. If you can get your hips rotated, hands in the right position, and barrel the baseball, then the ball will jump off of the bat.” (What he is referencing is having the proper mechanics when hitting the ball).


“Look at me for example. I only weigh 185 pounds, but I can hit a ball 400 feet. If you are purely looking at my build, then those numbers wouldn’t add up. It’s all about technique and using your lower half properly.”


Pozos is very versed when it comes to his swing and what works for him. Not only did he talk about the swign and what is entails but he also talked about a common myth that is false.


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